Articles of Association

Two of the memorandum articles are cited hereby which are of particular interest for our new members.


Article 2

The objectives of the Association are the following

1. to promote the recognition of the specialty practice of Endodontics in the Greek society using any suitable legal and acceptable means.

2. to research, study and recognize any professional problems facing the Greek Endodontists.

3. to implement all necessary actions for the recognition of Endodontology as a clinical specialty of Dentistry by the Greek state and the European Union.

4. to enhance the friendship, solidarity and mutual respect among its members.

5. to encourage and promote the exchange of information and views of its members on issues of the exclusive practice of Endodontology .

6. to promote the collaboration and protection of the professional interests of its members.

7. to promote and encourage the representation of the Association before other similar societies and associations in Greece and abroad.

8. to organize scientific conferences, meetings and other events of Endodontic interest thus supporting the continuing scientific and professional development of its members.

9. to promote the highest ethical standards in the practice of Endodontics.

Article 7

Regular Members

(Formal Prerequisites)

1.- Regular Members are all those persons who had the initiative to form the Association and signed the memorandum of association and who have the formal prerequisites mentioned in this Article. New regular members can join according to the specified procedure of the Articles of Association.

2.- The process of electing a new regular member is activated upon application to the Board of Directors.

3.- Any dentist, resident of Greece, registered in the relevant Dental Association, can become a regular member if they meet the following criteria:

a.- They hold a degree in Dentistry from a Greek University or a recognized foreign higher educational institution.

b.- They have completed the three-year postgraduate study programme specializing in Endodontics from the dental schools in Athens or Thessaloniki or from the former two-year study programme specializing in oral biology with simultaneous three-year clinical specialization in Endodontics from the same Universities.

c.- With regard to graduates of foreign institutions, these must be graduates of postgraduate programmes in Endodontics of at least two years’ duration. The Postgraduate programme must be the officially-approved programme in the country of origin that meets and accredits the preconditions for granting the title of specialist in Endodontics to citizens of that country.

d.- They exclusively practice Endodontics at a private office or a public hospital or an Institution. The exclusive practice of Endodontics must be declared, publicly documented and verified through a written statement, submitted together with their application for regular membership.

e.- Any Greek dentist who teaches the course of Endodontics as a member of the full-time Teaching and Research Faculty of a Greek Higher Educational Institution, and exclusively practices Endodontics as specified in § 3d, article 7, can also become a regular member.

4.- It is explicitly mentioned that, in addition to the afore-mentioned formal qualifications, a candidate for regular membership in the Association must be a person who is willing to offer his services towards the promotion of Endodontics and provide assurances that his active involvement in the affairs of the Association will contribute efficiently to the promotion of the objectives of the Association.

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